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Sarawak, Land of the Hornbills

Sarawak is the 13th state in Malaysia, located in Borneo island, the 3rd largest island in the world.

It is a state famous for its tropical rainforest beauty, spotting rare flora and fauna only found in the depths of Borneo. You can find orang utans, the fiery red monkey; the rafflesia flower, the biggest flower in the world; and of course not forgetting hornbills, the official mascot of the land.

Beyond plants and animals, Sarawak bears one of the oldest limestone caves, dating 40,000 years back to prehistoric times. Besides that, Sarawak holds many other world-famous caves such as the Wind Cave and Mulu Cave.

That’s not all, with such a long history, the natives of Sarawak have certainly a great culture to tell. From clothing to food to even their houses, each of the various 36 ethnic groups in Sarawak has a unique tale to share. Here, we bring you two of them in which we feel tells a great deal about the rich culture that is Sarawak.

We hope you enjoy reading. =)

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